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The Story Behind our Pain Therapy Treatment

Joseph McElroy draws upon his own experience with joint pain and flexibility problems – and the incredible results he’s achieved through the use of mobility exercise equipment – in his role as Founder and CEO of Being Mobility. Two years ago, after the devastating loss of his wife, Joseph found himself depressed and extremely overweight, with substantial mobility issues; he was unable to move his neck more than a few inches from side to side, and was forced to walk with a cane due to debilitating joint pain.

Knowing that he needed to make a change, Joseph embarked upon a program of regular exercise and joint pain treatment. Within a year and a half, he had lost over 120 pounds – and recovered his energy and zest for life, as well as a spiritual contentment that he hadn’t thought possible.

Regaining mobility through exercise treatment and joint therapy has made the difference for Joseph, and it can do the same for you. Our exercise equipment is designed for seniors and older adults, but it can benefit the young as well as the elderly, and can be very effective for recovering from injuries that limit mobility. Browse our products and begin your journey of effective pain therapy today.

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