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Hello World – Again! Being Mobile and Well, after 50.

Hello World – Again! Being Mobile and Well, after 50.

Joseph mobile on a bikeThe last two years have been a dramatic time of change for me. Proceeding that was a couple of years of tragedy. I feel that I’ve been given a few insights that are the beginning of wisdom. I understand that there are many more people than me with knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit, but I felt the need to have a channel to express the small bits of knowledge I have accumulated. Thus Being Mobility was created.

In addition to being creative and an artist, I pursue my living as a businessman. An online entrepreneur to be exact, and I realized that by writing about a specific subject, I will attract visitors who will probably want to buy some of the products and services I write about. Not being stupid, I decide to sell them.

But I make a promise to never sell a product or service with which I do not have personal experience. Either from personal use, or in the case of things not meant for me, from personal observation and the opinions of people I trust. People such as Danielle Bolom, my certified personal trainer and mobility guru; And Scott Kupferman, the fitness expert who created the first products I have chosen to highlight on this site. Those products will be the subject of my next post.

First I will fill you in on the details of my history and what I have feel like saying. In January of 2014, my wife of 15 years (18 years together) died from a very rare cancer. Prior to that we had spent a couple of years fighting the disease and we coped by eating. I gained nearly 70 lbs, on top of already being a big man. I was having joint problems in my knees and ankles, back problems, and a seriously bad neck stiffness and pain that prevented me from moving my head more than an inch or so. I was in horrible shape

After the death of my wife, I faced desolation and the death of my identity as a couple. I was at a loss of what to do and how to proceed with life.  How do you get over grief? I decided that for me, the only path was to add layers of experience to buffer me from the past. I decided that I needed to be able to live actively again. So I went to a gym with only expectations of getting in shape enough to not breath hard going up the stairs. At the gym, I met Danielle, who became my personal trainer and motivational consultant. With her supporting me, I started dieting and being very active in the gym. Because my personal life was dramatically different, I found myself spending time at the gym every day. I also started reading the books of and talking to many spiritual people. I gained insight into my self and released many bad habits. I also followed the holy grail of mobility in my neck, as guided by Danielle.  It turns out it was not as much injury as deep stress and posture problems, as well as lack of exercise and mobility exercises. Over the course of two years, I lost a 120 pounds, dramatically improved my mobility ( I recently tripped, fell, and recovered in one motion – a person near me said “You looked like a professional – so graceful”) and recovered the ability to lift my head and see behind me.

Now, as a continuing motivation for my physical and spiritual journey, I want to write about my experiences, my discoveries, the people who help me, and the things that work. Hopefully you will find this useful on your journey.