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Fast Effective Relief

Xtensor – Strengthen and Mobilize the Hand


Reverse Grip Hand Exerciser

The Xtensor works by rebalancing overworked hands strengthening as you extend the fingers open.
  • One size fits most
  • Ships within 48 hrs
  • Warranty Information: one year limited warranty
  • Tension is specific to each finger

Items Included:

  • 1 – Xtensor Hand Exerciser
  • 5 – Fingerbands
  • 1 – Dual Sided Thumbband
  • 1 – Wrist Strap
$7.95 S&H
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Product Description

You might not realize it, but your hands get a workout every day. They’re constantly being called upon to grip, push, and pull – and all of that work can result in tight muscles, stiff fingers, and considerable discomfort.

The Xtensor hand exerciser provides much-needed therapy to overworked hands. Use this hand-held exercise tool as a muscle strengthener and to increase flexibility in your fingers.

The Xtensor reverse grip hand exerciser tool utilizes innovative technology to strengthen the muscles and tendons in your hands and fingers, allowing your fingers to move along a natural path of motion and promoting proper joint alignment.

Xtensor equipment works on either hand; one size fits most. Each finger of the tool attaches to its own finger band, which in turn integrates into a tension grid for increased or decreased tension.

Reverse grip exercises using Xtensor technology allow your fingers to move through their own specific natural path of motion for correct joint alignment.

Holding your hands open while under tension provides a deep repetitive stretch in the palms leading into the carpal tunnel that help loosen often overused tight muscles.

Xtensor Introduction

Interview with Hand Surgeon Dr Badia

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